Artist Collectors
Mona Hatoum, Arturo Herrera and Karin Sander

29.4. – 12.6.2011

Curated by Christine Nippe

Who would have thought that artists were also collectors? And who would have  guessed, that many works have been aquired by trade? The exhibition Artist Collectors: Mona Hatoum, Arturo Herrera and Karin Sander, curated by Christine Nippe, shows in the Kunsthalle Koidl in Berlin Charlottenburg from April 29th till June 12th 2011 the inside of the collecting passion of three producers. The exhibition highlights collecting from a different point of view: namely that of the artists. The exhibition offers a portrait of the relationship an artist‘s œuvre has to their collecting. The double role artist collector is very exciting: what happens when artists suddenly become the patrons of other works? And how is the symbolic and social capital accumulated in the process of trade? Or to speak in terms familiar to Marcel Mauss: which interaction processes enrich each other during the exchange of the gift?

Just as between Pablo Picasso and Henry Matisse, many works have found new owners by exchange. Often such a process takes weeks or as Arturo Herrera said: „sometimes it is like the United Nations, it takes weeks until you decide.“ Works by artists such as from Kutlug Ataman, Thomas Ruff, André Butzer, Sophie Calle, Trisha Brown, Anselm Reyle, Sigmar Polke und Raymond Pettibon will be shown.


Jim Rakete, Nora Tschirner, 2010

Portraits for the Deutsche Filmmuseum Frankfurt am Main

10.2. – 11.03.2011

Berlin-based photographer, Jim Rakete, has spent the past year working on a series of portraits of German filmmakers, which shall serve as a synopsis of German film and accompany the re-opening of the Deutsche Filmmuseum in the summer of 2011. The project was originally conceived to feature a select “hall-of-fame” collection of portraits, but has since grown to encompass the current 100 photographs due to the excitement of the contributors, and the diversity of generations and professions within them. Kunsthalle Koidl is proud to be able to present the core of this exhibition, Rakete’s declaration of love for German film, in conjunction with Berlinale 2011.

The titel STAND DER DINGE was inspired by Wim Wender’s film under the same name, created 20 years ago. Set on the Portugese Atlantic Coast, a film crew is forced to halt work and wait for financial support from America. The director goes on a search for investors, while the entire crew is damned to sit idle in the hotel. The poor stand of the project is symbolized by Wim Wender’s auteur, come to the financial end. Today’s film landscape is vastly different, in which there exists no shortage of talent, or interesting personalities. Rakete’s exhibition is confrontation of these famous characters with requisites of their former roles.  Director Volker Schlöndorff holds his original metal drum, Wim Wenders his shiny Michelin Man from one of his film Im Lauf der Zeit. In Nora Tschirner’s cleavage, one can see the earless bunny rabbit (Keinohrhase), Moritz Bleibtreu unloads the Beretta clip from Knockin on Heaven’s Door, and Jeannette Hain stands with only a cello in the forest. Can a role be recognized through a piece of clothing, a location? In this case, the small objects from films, which play key roles for the protagonists, may serve as triggers of remembrance.

JIM RAKETE – STAND DER DINGE with Götz George, Michael Ballhaus, Till Schweiger, Tom Tykwer, Jürgen Vogel, Mario Adorf, Nina Hoss, Daniel Brühl and many more.

Jim Rakete (*1st of January 1951) is a German photographer and photo journalist. At the young age of seventeen he started work for daily newspapers and agencies. He photographed Jimi Hendrix, Ray Charles, David Bowie and Mick Jagger among others. Rakete had his legendary photo agency „the Fabrik“ in Berlin-Kreuzberg from 1977 until 1987. During this period he not only worked as a photographer, but also as a music producer and manager. Nina Hagen, Nena, Spliff and Die Ärtzte are among the most famous bands that he worked with. Since 1987, he has dedicated all his time to photography. Since then he has portrayed many stars from the German and international music- and film industry. The nurturing of newcomers  is one of his special interests. After a longer stay in Hamburg, the photographer moved back to Berlin and has his studio in Kreuzberg since 2001.



A Collectors View

9 February – 2 May 2010

The exhibition “ROBERT WILSON Video Portraits, A Collectors View” presented a small retrospective of the avant garde artist with works from the collections of Bernice Steinbaum (Miami, Florida), Michael Weinstein (NYC, NY) and the Watermill Center Collection (Watermill, NY).
Since the late 1960s, Robert Wilson’s productions have decisively shaped the look of theatre and opera. Since 2004 Wilson’s close ties and collaborations with leading artists, writers, and musicians have also resulted in the ongoing series of high definition Video Portraits.

Parallel to the exhibition at Kunsthalle Koidl a further selection of Video Portraits was on show at Gallery Thomas Schulte. The exhibition of Robert Wilson’s Video Portraits has previously travelled to galleries and museums in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Omaha, Iowa, Moscow, Naples, Spoleto, Hamburg, Paris, Singapore, Sao Paulo, Graz, Karlsruhe, and Groningen.


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Collection Ringier

22 September – 13 December 2009

In 2009, Kunsthalle Koidl presented the widely acclaimed exhibition of works from the estate of the Boston School artist Mark Morrisroe (1959–1989) from the renowned collection of the Swiss publisher Michael Ringier. The show was curated by Beatrix Ruf, director of Kunsthalle Zurich. As part of the Ringier Collection, the estate of Mark Morrisroe has been catalogued in collaboration with the Fotomuseum Winterthur (CH).


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Collection Dresdner Bank

12 June – 15 August 2008

In 2008, Kunsthalle Koidl’s inauguratory show presented works from the Dresdner Bank Art Collection, showing works from the collection to the public for the first time. Entitled „Moves” the show comprised of contemporary art by artists such as Franz Ackermann and Eberhard Havekost as well as modern masterworks by Max Ernst, Lazlo Moholy-Nagy and also Alberto Giacometti’s L’Homme qui marche I.


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